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The 5 Best Fidelity Stock Funds to Buy for the Long-Term

Some investors have given up on actively managed stock funds in recent years, instead turning to dirt-cheap index funds that passively track a benchmark. Index funds can get the job done. But the record of Fidelity's stock mutual funds makes a strong case that you should invest at least a portion of your money in some of its superior active funds.

Gun-slinging Fidelity managers including Peter Lynch dominated the investment world in the 1980s and 1990s. Those days are long gone, but Fidelity still employs dozens of first-class managers and analysts. Meanwhile, many expense ratios are relatively low compared to other actively managed funds. Yes, some of Fidelity's funds are mediocre — in my view, Fidelity simply has too many options. But many are superb. Managers such as Will Danoff, Joel Tillinghast and Steven Wymer have clobbered the market indexes for a decade or longer.

Here are five of the best Fidelity stock funds you can own right now.

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