A portfolio is a balanced mix of different types of investments designed for a specific investor’s needs. Too many investors own almost random collections of stocks and funds—which are top heavy in some sectors and deficient in others—rather than well-crafted portfolios suited for all market environments.


What’s more, no two investors are alike. A well-tooled investment plan that’s perfect for one client might cause another sleepless nights. We think it’s crucial to construct portfolios that are consistent with each client’s unique circumstances and risk tolerance. We do not subscribe to a “one-portfolio-fits-all” methodology.


For clients who can benefit from financial planning, we contract with a top-notch Certified Financial Planner to review our work before we present recommendations to you. This allows us to offer you complete financial planning services by an expert in the field—at a surprisingly low cost.

Finally, we never take custody of client assets. Instead, assets are safely held at TDAmeritrade, one of the nation’s largest brokerage firms. Each client receives regular monthly statements and has 24/7 web access to his or her account.


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