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Steve Goldberg

I’m a partner in Tweddell Goldberg Investment Management, a fee-only investment advisory firm managing assets over $60 million with clients nationwide. I joined Jerry Tweddell in 2006, when he asked me to become a partner. We believe that low costs are one of the key drivers of investment success and our fees are meaningfully lower than most in the industry. We provide very personalized service and advice to clients with $300,000 or more.

In addition to managing clients’s assets, I write a weekly column for I have been a weekly investment columnist for more than 20 years. I was associate editor and then senior associate editor at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine from 1994 until 2006. My book, But Which Mutual Funds?: How to pick the right ones to achieve your financial dreams, was published in 2000 (see below).

I always enjoy talking with readers and others interested in investing. If you have questions, please call me at 301-650-6567 or e-mail me at

I’m a native of Bethesda, Md., attended the University of California at Berkeley and am a graduate of American University in Washington, D.C. After working as a newspaper reporter in Norfolk, Va., and Wilmington, Del., I spent 13 years as a national reporter for Media General News Service in Washington, D.C., until my avocation—investing—became a passion and then a career.

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Praise for But Which Mutual Funds? (2000)

Overall rating IIII (with I being the lowest rating and IIII the highest): “If you want someone to come right out and tell you which fund to buy or how to get rid of your ‘financial decision-making paralysis,’ as Goldberg calls it, then try this book. But Which Mutual Funds? is well organized so you don't have to wait for the very reason you bought it—advice on which mutual fund to buy. Stick to the first 100 pages or so and you will get just the information that will help you find a fund to meet your financial needs.”
Michelle Singletary
The Washington Post

“Steve Goldberg's book finally takes the mystery out of choosing the best mutual funds. With clarity and insight, he tells you what to buy, when to sell and how to use the great financial minds of others to meet your own goals…a fine new book.”
James K. Glassman, former investment columnist The Washington Post; currently columnist Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine

“We've all been told we should invest, and we all know that mutual funds are probably a good place to start. Lists of &lsquot;good&rsquot; mutual funds are readily available, but how do you know that they're the right ones for you? But Which Mutual Funds? dives to the heart of this question. Steve recognizes that the challenge isn't finding a good fund, but in matching the right fund to the right investor for the right purpose. This book will not only get you asking the right questions about your funds, it'll also get you asking the right questions about yourself—and that's the most important step any investor can take.”
Don Phillips
Managing Director
Morningstar, Inc.

“I believe mutual funds are an excellent choice for most investors. This book does a top-notch job of explaining—to beginners and experts alike—how to use funds to reach their goals.”
Charles R. Schwab
Founder and CEO
The Charles Schwab Corporation