Several clients have asked me recently whether they should sell some stock funds. “Isn't the market too high?” they ask. No question, the market is richly priced today, although by some measures it’s not as expensive as many individual investors think. Moreover, valuat...

So many investors have been bailing out of actively managed mutual funds and piling into index and quasi-index funds via exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that, as Bloomberg Business Week points out, we’ve reached the point where there are now “more cartons than eggs.” That...

Get used to it: The years of generous, low-risk returns are over for bonds. Almost all investors still need to own bonds because they provide ballast for your portfolio. But to make much money, either you’ll have to take some risk or you’ll have to be content with puny...

After badly trailing U.S. stocks for most of the past decade, foreign stocks are suddenly on fire. Is now the time to load up on them, or is it already too late? And what portion of your stock money should you invest overseas?

Consider recent returns. Since the start of...

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